about us

Fibonacci Solutions is more than your typical modern mobility provider; we strive for a mutually beneficial, SOLUTION based approach to commercial success

Fibonacci Solutions is forging an exciting era in the WEB and Mobile integration and application development markets as one of the industry's most extensive providers of solutions. We are focused on delivering scalability and reliability by supporting WEB and Mobility software resource based services to help organizations move into the mobile integration marketplace.

Our focus is to educate, support and assist organizations in accomplishing their vision by providing them with the most innovative and complete range of mobile-based application and services that will allow organizations to reap the benefits of today's emerging technologies.

Fibonacci Solutions' solution-based approach (versus a product-based approach) allows us to work hand-in-hand with our trusted partners to offer the flexibility and elasticity required to deliver a holistic solution in a multitude of mobile marketplaces and infrastructures.